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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ahoy Matey!

Back in July, the boys had a blast in our speech therapy sessions with pirates!  Ok, I will admit it…I had fun too!  We had an assortment of books to choose from.  One of the favorites was “Ten Little Pirates”.  It’s the classic countdown book.  Something happens to a pirate on each page such as their ship sinking or one rowing off to see a mermaid.  The other book the kids liked was “There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish.” If your kiddos like the old lady books, then they will love this one!


We had several fun activities that we completed throughout the week.  I will touch on 2 of them.  As we addressed articulation, the kids “dug” for treasure.  This was really simple activity to make.  I bought a pencil box (back to school time you can get them for CHEAP!) and a small bag of sand.  Fake gold coins were added (found them in the pirate theme section at a party store) that I put numbers 1-5 on.  A total of 10 coins are in the treasure chest so there’s a few 2s,3s and 4s, as well as 1 and 5.  Place some sand in the pencil box and place your coins in the sand.  The child has to find a coin and say his target word that number of times.  So if he finds a #3, he says his word 3 times.

Super Simple Pirate Themed Articulation Activity for Speech Therapy

Another one of our activities was designed to use with language or articulation.  Everyone loves “Pop Up Pirate!”  I have the Pirates of the Caribbean edition so the kids realize it’s Jack Sparrow.  My swords are silver and gold instead of the multi colored ones.  I made a game companion to use with this game.  Place your swords on the game board and play as directed in the packet!  You can find “Sword Fight!”  in my TeachersPayTeacher store.  The packet includes articulation, irregular plurals, regular plurals, irregular past tense verbs, regular past tense verbs, opposites, categories and object functions.  If you are working in a group setting, this activity is perfect for mixed groups!

 The pirate theme great for anytime of the year!  So have fun with it and enjoy the theme!

Needing some crafts to go with your pirate theme? I have two ideas right here!

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