Snacking in Speech Therapy: Camping Treat Bags

When I do a theme in speech therapy, I like to have matching stickers/ treats/prizes to go along with it. (I’m weird like that).   Sometimes, it’s not always that easy. I will admit the camping theme was a little difficult. Lots of my kiddos have allergies or special diets so not everyone can have a treat. I did my best to come up with stickers and other little prizes for those guys. I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

After browsing Pinterest for a little while, I decided on an easy s’mores treat that I thought MOST of my kiddos would enjoy.  Then I made a cute little (the small square one in the picture below) tag to go with it. In a sandwich bag, I put 2 graham crackers, 1 big marshmallow and 1 fun size chocolate bar.  You can download the cute tag here.

I also made up another super cute little snack idea that I wanted to share with you!  This one takes a few more ingredients but all can be found easily and CHEAP!

Camping Treat for Speech Therapy

Camping Trail Mix:

3-4 Bugles

1/2 of a graham cracker

2 big marshmallows

a few red, yellow and orange M&Ms

a few gummy bears

several raisins

Place all of it in a plastic baggie with the tag attached to it.    The tag (see above) I made could be used for any grade/subject.  The tag has a little “advice” for going camping!  You can find it here.  Just cut them out and staple/tie to each bag.

The kids loved these little treats!!  These are great for back to school treat if you’re classroom is a camping/woodsy theme!!   You can see what activities we did during our camping week here.


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