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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Camping

Usually I stick with the same themes from year to year.  I add a new one every once in a while.  Camping was a new theme for speech this year.  It was not originally on my schedule.  But when I went to plan my summer speech therapy themes, I thought it would a be a fun one to add!  My kiddos definitely seemed to enjoy it!

Camping Fun in Speech Therapy

Camping Book for Speech Therapy

We started off our week by reading “Camping Spree with Mr. Magee.”  It’s a really cute story about a man and his dog camping in the woods.  By the end of the story, they find that it is better (and safer) to camp in the backyard!

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Craft for Speech Therapy

Our craft for the week was a campfire.  Super easy craft to prep for!  The kids can make their campfires as big as their little hearts desire!

Here’s what you need:

1 sheet of black construction paper for each child

2 small strips of brown paper (for the logs)

2 long strips of brown paper to make the sticks for the marshmallows

2 small white squares for the marshmallows

LOTS of red, orange and yellow squares to make the fire

I used this activity for both articulation and grammar sessions.  The one pictured is from an articulation session.  I wrote the words on the squares as we went through and practiced them.  We glued each square on starting at the bottom.  Keep going until you run out words, squares or space!  For my grammar sessions, I wrote the present or past tense verbs on them.  The client had to use them correctly in a sentence before gluing the square on the paper.  The same was done for singular and plural nouns.  Then add your marshmallows and sticks…Ta Da!!  A big bright campfire!!


Articulation Campfire for Speech Therapy

I made a few of my own activities but I also bought several from some of my favorite TpT shops! (Click on the pictures to take you to their shops and the products!)

Let's Go to Camp! An interactive & adaptive book S'more Grammar GamesInteractive S'more Articulation Activity: Hands on Speech TherapyOur camping theme was lots of fun!  You don’t have to do this one in the summer.  You could easily do a camping theme in the fall or spring.  At the end of the week, make a fun camping themed trail mix and send home!


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