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Week in Review: Sky’s the Limit

airplane post

We made it through 2 weeks of transportation fun so far!  This post is all about our week with air vehicles!  I’ve never flown before but it is always interesting to listen to my clients talk about their airplane rides.  Five year olds have a WHOLE different perspective on flying!  This we had 2 different books again (depending on attention, age and goals I wanted to target).  I had ordered a new book but it did not get here in time!  But it’s still featured in this post because it is SUPER cool!

airplane books

The first book we read was “Amazing Airplanes” by Tony Mitton.  It’s a great little book about the process of going through the airport and getting on the plane.  It’s information is simplified for kids, making it great to read before a big trip!

My second book is “That’s Not My Plane” from Usborne Books.  (Note:  I am a distributor for Usborne Books.  The link will take you to my site to order the book.)  I love these books!!  I use them a lot with my toddler group all the way up to my preschool bunch.  The “touchy feely” aspect of this book is great for your kids with Autism or sensory issues.  The text is simple and they can actually “feel” the adjective.  The kids get a concrete understanding of what “bumpy” or “slippery” mean.

The new book is, “On the Plane,” also from Usborne.  It is a “shine a light” book which means you need some sort of flashlight to make the book REALLY FUN!!  As you read the book, you can shine a flashlight (I use my phone’s flashlight) under the page to reveal a hidden picture.  I have several of these types of books in my collection.

We had our usual dot paint drill activity (below) as well as hot air balloon mat that we could smush “clouds” (white playdough) on while we worked on articulation targets.  All of this will be available in my TpT shop soon.

Airplane artic

cloud smush

My older kids had been asking a playdough activity so I made them one.  They had to give the past tense form of a verb AND use it correctly in a sentence.  If they could do both, they could create a cloud around the plane with white playdough.

airplane verbs

For the craft, I had to get creative.  All the crafts I had found on Pinterest were just too complicated or would not work with the language goals I needed to meet.  So I made up one!  I took my handy dandy clipart, and wrote either nouns (for grammar needs) or artic words on each mode of air transportation.  For each word they said correctly 5x (artic kids) or could give the plural form of the word in  a sentence, the client could glue the aircraft in the sky.  The kids were happy and so was I!

airplane craftThe boys had a great week with airplanes and helicopters.  I finished off the week by rewarding their hard work with a small glow stick plane that I found in a package of 4 at the Dollar Tree.  Find them in the toy section with all the glow in the dark stuff!!


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