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Week in Review: On the Road!

My previous post was all about what the girls did a couple of weeks ago.  Our week was all about pink!  But the boys?  Not so much!  The boys talked about cars and trucks!  I found a new book for this week that I absolutely loved!!!  The little boy in the story had such an imagination!  My favorite part of the car was definitely the snack bar…and the robot that took over driving while you napped!

My little guys listened to “Little Blue Truck.”  It was perfect with all the truck and animal sound effects.  They loved it and it kept their attention much better!

My articulation clients had a few different activities for the week.  To work on our drill for the first session of the week, we completed “Stoplight Sounds.”  It is an open ended activity that only required crayons!  You can find it in my “On the Go With Speech and Language” on my TpT page.

The memory game (above) was great for the kids working on sentence/structured situations.  Each car they turned over, the child had to describe the car using their good speech sounds.  I found this little game at my local HOMEGOODS.  Remember, always check the toy section…there’s good CHEAP stuff there!!  I SOO LOVE these magnetic puzzles like this one below.  We can work on numbers, colors, short phrases to increase MLU, make requests, spatial concepts (like “take it off”), eye contact and even reinforce articulation!!

snapseedFor my early childhood kiddos (ie- not in school yet), I made a simple book to allow me to work on colors and one simple basic concept at a time.  Again we can work on identifying colors, naming colors, answering simple questions with a repetitive answer (“where is the car?”  “on the road”), using the concept “on” and understanding it.

image1One last articulation activity!  You find the sound roads in my “On the Go” packet (link above).  Just laminate and cut apart the road pieces.  Lay the pieces however you like and have the child “drive” a car over them.  As he drives on the road, he has to stop and say the target word 5x.  Pretty easy and you can combine sounds like “k” and “g” to make one long road.

roadIf you are on summer break, hope it is treating you well!  If you are like me and still working, I still hope the summer is treating you well!  If you have any transportation therapy ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments!  I’d love to hear them!!!


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