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Week in Review: Get the Scoop in Speech


A couple of weeks ago, I did an ice cream theme in my therapy sessions.  I used to make ice cream or ice cream sundaes when I worked in the school system.  But since, I moved to the home health setting, it’s just not possible for me to do that.  But we find other ways to have fun!

I used two books during the week.  Some of my older kiddos listened to “Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop.”  Other kiddos heard my new book, “Just One More.”    This new books “speaks” to the kids.  We might all remember thinking “more is always better” as kids.  The little girl in the story thinks just that until her ice cream cone topples to the ground!  Then she finds that just one scoop is just as good!

DSCN0091[1]For articulation, I made a set of activities to fit my needs.  Our first session is always drill so we used the paint dot drill page from my “Sweet Treats for Articulation” packet.  To finish out the week, we used this craft from the same packet of articulation fun!  Just print out the sounds you need, grab some crayons and get a stack of bright colored construction paper!


For my language clients, I used a fun set of activities from Speech Island!  Most of my older clients are working on irregular past tense verbs so she had the perfect activity for it!  Sadly, I don’ t have a picture of one of my cute clients working with the activity.  But you can find the activity here.

To add to our activities, I found a really cute popsicle matching game at Home Goods.  (Hint: Periodically, check your local Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshall’s for cute, yet cheap games!!!  You can usually find great things in the toy section.)


For my little guys, we had popsicle puzzles and an ice cream set from Melissa and Doug.  We used our Melissa and Doug set to work on language concepts in play such as “I need more”  or “More please” to request more ice cream scoops.  We talked about the concept “on” such as “on the cone.”  I also made a simple book about colors.  It’s interactive so the kiddos can find the color of scoop named on the page and stick it on the cone.

Ice Cream Post 2I know lots of my school SLP friends will be out of school for the summer!  So enjoy!  If you’re not (like me), add an ice cream theme to your calendar and have a blast!!


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