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Speech Therapy Themes: Flowers

We started off May with a great week!!  The boys were not very excited about it at first.  But there were some happy little boys that made crafts for their mamas at the end of the week!  There are links to products in my TpT store for easy planning!

Flower Books for Speech Therapy

We had two books that was used in our sessions. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert is a simple book, making it great for the preschool population. The illustrations are brightly colored which makes it more engaging for the children. I love this book because it discusses colors and new vocabulary (flower names) which is great for my articulation clients! Our second book features our favorite old lady who swallows all of the things! The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog is a favorite of the kids. I will use this book with school age kiddos and even some of my preschoolers with longer attention spans. I really love this book when working on reinforcing/teaching the pronoun “she” as well as past tense verbs.

Articulation Activities for Flowers

To start our week, I read one of the books and the children completed  a flower dot challenge. For our craft, we made articulation flowers (in my TpT resource Flower Power).  Each petal had a target word on it.  The client had to say each word 5x before getting the petal to glue on the flower.  I added a packet of seeds and the kids were able to give the project as a Mother’s Day gift!  You can find the activity here. Another idea for a fun flower craft that is super cheap is grab some paint cards the next time you are at a home improvement store. I took colors that would make pretty flowers. The kids chose their colors. On each colored section, I wrote a target word. We cut them into petal shapes and glued them around a yellow circle to make a beautiful flower for mom!

A fun flower craft to target articulation goals

Language Activities for Flowers

We had a couple of different language activities for this week.  Several of the kiddos completed a booklet to work on different basic concepts such as spatial, descriptive and quantitative.  There was also several activities from my “Flower Power” Speech and Language Packet that we used.  To finish up the week, they made flowers similar to the one of the articulation ideas above.  Instead of words, each petal had a picture.  Vocabulary kiddos had to identify (or name) each picture before gluing on the flower.  Older kids had to either describe the picture or listen to a description and find the correct picture.

Grammar kids created a flower similar to the one pictured above.  I cut paint swatches into petals (making sure to show at least 2 colors).  I wrote the present tense at the top.  Then the child had to generate the past tense verb so that I could write it on the bottom.  We talked about how the color was the same color just different shades.  That was the same for the verb.  It’s the same word.  We just have to change it up a bit for it to fit correctly in sentences. 

For an extra added gift, add a packet of seeds to the crafts! It was a fun week.  The kids loved making crafts for mom.  Not all of my kids are in day cares or schools, so it was really fun for those little guys to make something for their hardworking, stay at home mom!

Need another fun flower activity that is hands on? See how I took a fun Pinterest idea and turned it into an interactive speech therapy activity!

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