How To Use A Cheap Touch Light for Artic Therapy

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SLPs are the masters of turning unsuspecting objects into great therapy tools.  We are also the gurus of visuals.  So when you mix those two talents together, you might get something like this: Touch light artic therapy.  I work with a wide range of ages but the majority of my caseload is preschool.  Often times, my preschool kiddos delete some part of the word.  I have a couple of clients that the usual visual imageries did not help.  I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to get that “lightbulb” moment for them (pun fully intended).  Then it hit me…light!  I felt like the smartest person in the world with this idea.  (Don’t worry.  I probably did something dumb shortly after to bring me back down!)

Here’s how I use those cheap, easy touch lights in therapy.  I write our target words really big on a piece of paper.  I underline our target sound just like I always do.  I then write our target sound on the light with a dry erase marker.  Place the light on the word, trying to make sure the light is covering the target sound in the word.  Model the word several times, turning the light on each time you say the sound.  As the child practices the word, turn the light on when they say the sound.  If they do not say it correctly, don’t turn the light on.  (Get ready for the kid to look at you with puppy dog eyes that say “Please turn on the light!”)  I praise when the light gets turned on.  I model and emphasize the sound when it does not turn on.  When you finish, just wipe the letter off with a paper towel!  Simple and easy enough, right?

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I bought a pack of 4 lights at Walmart for less than $4.  (Not a sponsored post.  It just happened to be where I was shopping!)  I have a plan for some language activities so look for a future blog post!  If you have a great articulation tip, please feel free to comment with here!! I am always looking to add to my toolbox!



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